Sunday, 26 July 2015

3 Day Classic Muscle Review - Is It Right For You?

The definite 3 Day Classic Muscle Review. Everyone knows Tom Venuto as the fat loss guru, but the 3 Day Classic Muscle program that's gearing up for release would showcase Tom's knowledge and expertise when it comes to putting on muscle.

What Is 3 Day Classic Muscle?

The program is the new, high anticipated muscle building program by Tom Venuto that is expected to be released sometime later this year. The program is aimed at building muscle with shape, symmetry and aesthetics. It's geared towards all men and women who want to build muscle including recreational bodybuilders, competitive bodybuilders, physique enthusiasts, figure or fitness athletes.

This is Tom Venuto's first ever full muscle building program, and it's expected to be a hit since Tom is a champion expert in the fitness industry. It's known that Tom's other fitness programs such as the popular Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle delivers very impressive results and have a lot of positive feedback and testimonials online from users.

What's The Purpose Of This Review?

I have long been interested in Tom Venuto's fitness products and ideas, so when he announced that he'll be releasing the 3 Day Classic Muscle program, I decided to write a review to share my thoughts on it.

If I said, "Tom Venuto," many people would know him as the fat loss guru, author of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, writer of hundreds of fitness articles and best selling author.

What you may not know is that he's one of the most hardcore, freakish natural bodybuilders around. Tom competed in many bodybuilding competition for years and won a number of times. I've had the opportunity to read and listened to a lot of materials from Tom and the guy is a genius when it comes to packing on muscle. Also, one of his main fitness principle is that everyone who is trying to lose fat should always focus on preserving and building muscle.

What Would The Complete Course Include?

A complete version of the 3 Day Classic Muscle course, with multiple training cycles, multiple levels, and several detailed training manuals, will be available to the public soon. This would be Tom's first totally comprehensive muscle-building course. Most likely it would be a fully digital course with a variety of digital materials like eBooks and videos.

3 Day Classic Muscle Details 

The use of "3 days" in the program name refers to:

1. The split routine that divides body parts into 3 separate training days (3 different workouts).
2. A schedule of no more than 3 days in a row of training before taking a rest day (no lifting).
3. A progression system and a training cycle that changes the weight lifted, intensity level, repetition bracket, and or training techniques used every 3 days.

One reason Tom call this program "classic" is because the body part split routine used in this program has been around since at least the 1960's. It is based on a training schedule originally used by many champions of the bodybuilding Golden Era, including Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's early version of this split required training six days in a row with a high volume and high intensity. Each muscle was "bombed and blitzed" twice a week. His even more extreme competition-level programs involved training each muscle group three times a week.

Who Should Use 3 Day Classic Muscle?

For someone who wants to advance to higher-level muscle gaining goals, 3-Day Classic Muscle is an excellent next step up from an upper lower split, such as The New Body 28 (TNB-28) program or any 2 day split.

By keeping the original bodybuilding split routines and the bodybuilding training techniques that helped produce some of the best physiques in history, and combining them with optimal recovery time and intensity cycling, classic body part split routines become more effective for all kinds of people who want to gain muscle. That includes those who aren't professionals, who don't take performance-enhancing drugs and don't have elite genetics.

Three Day Classic Muscle has been designed to be effective for any regular man or woman with muscle-building goals. It can also be progressed to satisfy the needs of the most serious bodybuilders (with the "Elite-Advanced" Level 2 training blocks).

Final Words

If you are a customer of any of Tom Venuto's products you'll know that his programs are of top-notch quality, and he provides very good customer support which is just one additional reason to expect 3 Day Classic Muscle to be good.

There are multiple pros of this training approach for building muscle that are extremely worthwhile. First of all, 3 Day Classic Muscle is created by Tom Venuto who has a good track record of creating great programs that work effectively and deliver as they promise.